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Study at FLAT OUT

Studying in your bedroom not quite doing it for you?

The kitchen table becoming an ever-growing mess?

Library silence not what you’re after?


Well, studying at Flat Out might just be the ticket.  We offer all the benefits that our coworking experience but at a whopping 40% discount to students and those in third level education.  To date we have held multiple study sessions, offered the space for exam preparation and also hosted a number of mature students as they have completed their PhD's.


If you haven’t visited yet, here is what to expect…


Flat Out offers 12 individual stations, all separated from one another through the use of timber privacy fins.  There is a selection of different style ergonomic chairs to chose from so you find the best comfort fit just for you.  We also offer additional screens at no extra cost for those that like to double-screen their work.  The Hub has superfast fibre connectivity to allow for all the bandwidth you could possible need – even if it is just a sneaky Netflix episode when you need a quick break from study!

You won’t go hungry….

Once settled in, you will find we serve excellent coffee (at a discount!), delicious pastries and from 12pm we offer toasted sandwiches too!  Filtered water and complimentary cordial is available in the Hub, or if you need the sugar rush, we have a fully stocked fridge of all your favourites including Coca-Cola, Monster and Red Bull.



A daily study pass is available at €15.00 and allows for  a full day Monday to Friday from 7am.  We also offer access to the Hub on Saturday from 8am to 4pm, at a rate of €10.00

For those planning to use the Hub on a more regular basis, we offer Monthly Membership at €150.00, on a 'no contract' basis.


For bookings and enquiries, please contact us via the contact form below.

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