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Coffee Brewers

Don't hold it against us but we source our coffee from the neighbouring county in Meath.  Quality coffee from ethical and sustainable suppliers that guarantees you will enjoy your Flat Out coffee.

Coffee Drip

It's a common expression, one I'm sure we have all used. 

Always to indicate how busy we are, how hectic life is and perhaps how little downtime we may have. 

In a post-pandemic world, we would like to alter it's meaning slightly, certainly within the four walls of this business.  

Flat Out Co-working embraces productivity albeit during dedicated working hours.  We believe in working hard and striving for more in whatever capacity that may be during your working day.  However, we believe in making the separation between work and life, in silencing the notifications when you leave our premises.  

Our mission is to give you a productive space to work, a place where you are warmly welcomed every time you walk through the door.   We want you to come here, do your best work and go home to live your best life.  Sure, that's a wee bit cheesy to say, nevertheless, isn't that we all strive for each day? To aim to tip that delicate balancing scales in your favour.  

Going Flat Out. 

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