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Front of FLAT OUT coworking + coffee

Where everybody knows your name...

Our Story...

FLAT OUT coworking + coffee is a family run business run by Gordon & Sinead. 'Hi!' 

The idea was conceived by Gordon during one of the Covid lockdowns. 

Coworking itself isn't new but it was certainly gaining popularity given the pandemic. However combining it with a coffee dock was a new take on it. 

And so, the lengthy, arduous process of turning a concept in to bricks and mortar began.  To say we built Flat Out would not be an exaggeration; where possible we did the renovations ourselves bringing in the experts when needed. All of those privacy fins throughout the building? They were made by us, with the splinters to prove it.

There was no government funding or grants helping us along the way either.  

Many times, coworking hubs in rural areas are located outside the town perhaps in an industrial estate,  Our vision was to be located in the centre of a town, to be a part of the community life. 

We wanted a space where we know our coworkers, our coffee customers - we greet them by name, possibly even know their coffee order. To quote Cheers - 'where everybody knows your name' - your local coffee dock, your local coworking hub.   


From our coffee provider to our architect, to the hardware store advising us on the right type of paint, these are some of the companies who have helped create Flat Out Coworking + Coffee. 


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